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In the summer of 2015 Andy Zomcik, Vance Kaloz, and Todd Young of Fat AZ Musky Products and Muddy Creek Fishing Guides, started a weekly podcast primarily about Musky fishing. The podcast quickly became very popular with listeners throughout the U.S., Canada, and even overseas. The guys talk fishing reports, general musky fishing hot topics, and keep it fresh by inviting guests on to join in the weekly conversations. You can check them out on the link below. Enjoy!

FAT A.Z. Musky Podcast Episodes

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Trolling bait review

Andy and Todd review three trolling baits. 8" Tuffshad. B&N custom Fat Shad, Fretthold 7" Cuda.

GMS general discussion

GMS joins Andy and Vance to talk about the massive front that hit the area. Vance comparing patterns from last year to this year. Bringing to much stuff in the boat. The "Water haul" cast in fly fishing.

Rod talk, ways to save money

We went down a rabbit hole and talked a bunch about rods, then switched over and discussed a few good ways save money. 

End of year boat stories.

Vance and Todd exchange stories of boating mishaps. We briefly hit on past memories of hunting, which will make the cover art make sense.

Paul Boss Shad

Paul joins in and we catch up with what's he is up to. We then go into if he had one bait, rod, reel for certain waters. This leads into bait depth chat and musky show thoughts.