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In the summer of 2015 Andy Zomcik, Vance Kaloz, and Todd Young of Fat AZ Musky Products and Muddy Creek Fishing Guides, started a weekly podcast primarily about Musky fishing. The podcast quickly became very popular with listeners throughout the U.S., Canada, and even overseas. The guys talk fishing reports, general musky fishing hot topics, and keep it fresh by inviting guests on to join in the weekly conversations. You can check them out on the link below. Enjoy!

FAT A.Z. Musky Podcast Episodes

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Last minute frustrations

In real time, hear the frustrations unfold from Vance and Todd while Andy finds amusement in the waning days before the New York musky season.

Catching up with Cory Allen

Cory fills us in on what he has been doing. In the Spread, Bass fishing with musky baits, teaser blades...

Virtual Fishing, Making Lemonade

Andy and Todd discuss virtual fishing, and making the best of what appears to be a bad situation. Vance is currently on his honeymoon.

History of mudpuppy pattern

We chat about the evolution of mudpuppy and goldie paint pattern.

Recent events

Andy gets his kicker, Vance tells us his story from a guided trip, and we discuss some recent social media posts.