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In the summer of 2015 Andy Zomcik, Vance Kaloz, and Todd Young of Fat AZ Musky Products and Muddy Creek Fishing Guides, started a weekly podcast primarily about Musky fishing. The podcast quickly became very popular with listeners throughout the U.S., Canada, and even overseas. The guys talk fishing reports, general musky fishing hot topics, and keep it fresh by inviting guests on to join in the weekly conversations. You can check them out on the link below. Enjoy!

FAT A.Z. Musky Podcast Episodes

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Tim Widlacki, PMTT tournament director

Full throttle! Tim talks about the origins of the PMTT, crazy stories, and future plans.

Trolling Baits

We talk about choosing one trolling bait, and went in deep on Wiley lures.

Gear man Steve, playing with baits

Steve starts off with the craziest story, then talks about his favorite baits and the mods he does to it.

The throw back to Ed Latiano

Addressing Andy’s Facebook post on Ed’s old tooling, we throw it back to a simpler time. The Ed Latiano story as related to the Facebook post, old bait shops, and Tamarack lake in NW PA.

Boss Paul

We wrap up loose ends from the previous show. Fan mail.

We go into depth on the topic of “Virtual Musky Shows”. This then spirals to Paul’s idea of a “Musky Strip Off”.

Also we catch up on what Paul has been up to.