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In the summer of 2015 Andy Zomcik, Vance Kaloz, and Todd Young of Fat AZ Musky Products and Muddy Creek Fishing Guides, started a weekly podcast primarily about Musky fishing. The podcast quickly became very popular with listeners throughout the U.S., Canada, and even overseas. The guys talk fishing reports, general musky fishing hot topics, and keep it fresh by inviting guests on to join in the weekly conversations. You can check them out on the link below. Enjoy!

FAT A.Z. Musky Podcast Episodes

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Catching up

The guys tell stories of the recent fishing trips. Andy goes out for dinner. Vance talks about “Show Stoppers”. Todd has a trend that has not been working.

If you had to choose, glass or aluminum

Majority of the show the guys discuss how there is no perfect boat. They weigh in on what their thoughts are on this long standing topic.

Then Todd and Vance each share a story from guiding.

GMS and the “The art of the deal”

Gear man Steve talks about the deal he made to go fishing. Todd and Vance talk about their trips. Andy has a boat repair story.

Catching up before opener

The guys catch up on the boats, getting ready for the NY opener, bump board where do you put them, and Todds 3 Muskie in the new boat so far.

Kevin, Fishery Biologist

Kevin offers a science incite that can open your eyes on several areas of musky fishing. Very cool conversation.